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Africa Premiere!
July 5, 2018

Chaka Chako everybody! Today was a big day at Pellas Beach because it was the premiere of our Africa show! And I am happy to say, it was a big success!! The Taverna was full and our ...

It's my birthday!
June 19, 2018

Today was my 22nd birthday and I am happy to say that I got to celebrate it three times: first with my friends from istion, potidea palace and Pomegrenade hotel, second with my family and last ...

Change in location!
June 13, 2018

Hello everybody!  After a small delay, I have finally arrived at my summer work destination: the amazing four starr Grecotel Pella Beach ( in cozy Chanioti on Chalki...

Happy Easter Everyone!
April 24, 2018

  And THAT, ladies and gentleman, is how you kick off easter sunday! Happy easter everyone, and enjoy the food...I mean, your time with your family!

What I've been up to.
April 2, 2018

  Sorry for the silence everyone, I got a little busy with packing up my stuff (and trying to find a way to cancel my planet fitness membership properly...). But here's what I've ...

I'm back! For now...
March 16, 2018

So, after an unplanned three month long christmas break, I have finally returned to NYC. So, it should be back to business, right? Well... I'll be here in NYC for the next two weeks before ...

Back to NYC!
March 13, 2018

Well, took me long enough. But I am finally on my way back to NYC, even though it is only going to be for a short while. More information once I have landed!